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Does a timeline of any kind exist of class stories? Has it been possible to establish one?

I'd assume Jedi Knight story takes place towards the beginning, Sith Inq at end.
It is bad taste to quote myself admittedly

But yeah. TIMELINE. Wish this had been a word underlined on that chalkboard of the nonexistant meeting BW writers had. You know, the one where they spoke about TOR's storylines and how they should come together.

I'd love to see sub screen named Timeline in the game actually. Something integrated as part of the Legacy or Achievments perhaps.

Ie, you roll Jedi Knight and a tiny blue achivement dot pops up in your timeline. " 32 years after Treaty of Coruscant; Jedi Knight Stradlin arrives at Tython"
Roll Sith Inquis and you'd get vile red dot saying " 38 years after Treaty o Coruscant; EvilStradlin finishes trials on Korriban" etc. Catch my drift?

Such approach, such method would have been very inspiring tool for writers to craft some easy-to-follow and awesome Pulp Fiction type of intersections, twists and surprises. Ofc, it is like 6 years and 300 million dollars too late to realistically hope, request or suggest anything like this to be implemented in game ever. Just idle whatiffing. I tells ye, it would have been awesome. :l