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The only one who had some brains was Palpi, who understood that Republic can be only captured by holding its centre Senate. But even he could not hold it.
Hello, two against the galaxy?
What did he smoke??
This stood out to me, mostly because Palpatine (as far as the movies go) is a bad literary character /empreparestobeflamedbygeorgelucasfanboys. His rise to power was, quite frankly, ridiculous. He is the product of a bad writer. The Sith Empire in SWTOR is far better written and much more believable in terms of how they function and how they came to power, but that's true of most of the Extended Universe.

Darth Vader and Palpatine were examples of great villains who were bad leaders and would never have been able to run a successful organization that wasn't fantasy. Darth Vader is a fool. Palpatine is a walking deus ex machina. The scene where Palpatine declares the Republic is now an "Empire" is so unbelievable and contrived, it reminds me more of the Nazi Party's Beer Hall Putsch in Munich than Hitler's (or any other successful dictators) rise to power.

It just reminds me of the scene Lucas inserted at the end of ROTJ of crowds celebrating in Coruscant when Palpatine "dies"... as if the Empire suddenly zapped back into being the Republic again just as quickly as the Republic became the Empire.

Oh and for some historical context...if you know anything about Emperor Augustus (Rome's first true Emperor after the Republic "fell")... he never called himself an Emperor. That was the beauty of it and why he was so successful.