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So... we have found the person, who brought rachgouls on the planet, and therefore partly responsible for the nightmare that is happening there. And we are allowed either to kill her (DS points) or let her go (LS).

Wait, what? You serious? Whatever happened with option to arrest her and deliver to the NPC who sent us here in the first place for interrogation and punishment?

I for example, trying to play a Lawful Evil Sith. Just killing her right there seems stupid. She has to be detained. But the only other option is to let her go is even more retarded. "Oh yes, It was me who brought monsters here, but I didn;t know what I was doing, can I go now please? "It's okay that she says something like this, but we shouldn't have this option, at least not on Empire side.

IMHO the choices should be something like this:

- Arrest woman (LS points)

- Let her go (neutral)

- Kill her (DS points)
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