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This is strictly my personal opinion.


Empire: Agent - Best written story all around from start to finish. Probably the only plot that genuinely made me think. I was always eager to know what would happen next.
Republic: Jedi Knight - The most 'epic' story. It makes you feel like a hero, and the decisions you make have weight. This is what KOTOR3 would've been based on. It's a bit cliche' at times but it still has that star wars charm.


Republic: Consular - The chapters are sloppily connected and 1 & 2 both feel like fetch-quest filler arcs. It gets better in chapter 3, but by then it just to late. The main focus of the story should have been training a padawan and the conflict of light vs. dark.
Imperial: Inquisitor - Same complaints as consular - only worse. The entire story is a series of fetch-quests, & the conflict of light vs. dark is barely touched on. The companions are also boring and forgettable.
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