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11.25.2012 , 10:23 PM | #5
In most mmoīs ranged classes gets preffered in OPīs. Itīs just that little bit easier to avoid damage as ranged than as dps. If you get agro as mele, your target will hit you. If you get agro as ranged usually you got a few sec before target will hit you. Those few sec can be the difference between a dead dps and a live one.

If a raidleader had to choose between random ranged dps and a random melee dps, with similar gear and didnīt know anything exept that, then most times he would probably pick the ranged dps. Maybe he would look at class compositions, but the way drops are based on group composision it doesnīt really matter what classes you bring.

In a guild none of this matter. Bring the player not the class.