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I'm just curious about how much those interested in a SWTOR lifetime subscription would be willing to pay. Here's my answer first:

Requirement for lifetime subscription:
  • Must be subscribed for at least 6 months
i cant really see any point in why i would have to be a subscriber for 6 months to be able to get this
Price I'd be willing to pay:
  • 300,- EUR (~389,26 $)
389 $ is abit to much most lifetime subs ive seen have been around 299 and i cant see any reason why swtor should be more expensive

What I'd expect to get in return:
  • Lifetime status as subscriber
  • 60000 Cartel Coins wouldnt mind this but to i wouldnt expect this much, but we would ofc get the monthly cartel coins
  • Ingame title "Citizen" Agreed
  • Access to all shops in SWTOR NO i think the security key shop and collectors edition shop should stay as they are. BUT they could add a new Lifetime shop for life timers only.

Cheers, Niko
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