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We already have Story Mode and Hard Mode; I would love to have a Tourist Mode where everything is reduced to single-player difficulty, only grey items drop, and no titles are unlocked. That would let me experience the story of the flashpoints and operations at my own pace, and learn their layout and tactics so Iím a little less clueless when I jump in through the Group Finder.
I love this idea. I just want to see the content. I don't care about the rewards. I don't want to be rushed through things, or picked at because I am undergeared and don't know the encounter. I like to chat with my friends in game, but I don't care to play directly with others. I dislike grouping. I don't have a problem with other people in game, I don't mind standing my turn to wait for a respawn, I have no problems with people who do group or pvp. Those just aren't my thing. I like focusing on my missions and storyline alone, having the ability to just get up and walk off if I need to without having to worry about slowing someone down because I needed to log out randomly for a few hours. I am so casual that I will disappear for days/weeks at a time and end up kicked from a guild for inactivity. It's just how I play, so I don't like to have to depend on others, because every time I disappear, I have more I need to catch up afterwards. I'm fine with that, I honestly am. I have no problems behind behind. I just would like to see the content I miss. I love the story and lore and when there is stuff I can't see, it makes me sad.