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11.25.2012 , 04:14 AM | #12
The only problem i see are indeed FP's. Like with many other games people leave when you have a single wipe, pathetic people really. Do not join an FP or Ops if you can't take wiping because that is part of it.

About FP's, let me share something, i went into Manda with one of my alts and it started as being horrible.

I was the Vanguard tank, not a great one mind you, but i was doing my best. Thing with SWTOR is that it requires some practice and it's not as easy as in WOW for example. The problem here was that one of the folks in the group, a Commando, attacked either the wrong mob or attacked before i did and pulled mobs to him...literally. Then i would have to try to get the mobs away from the group and the healer. Of course the healer would just type "agro!" in chat and blame me. When we were doing a boss i pulled it and normally you give the tank the chance to round him and the two adds up, but the commando started blasting around like crazy and went to the boss before the adds were down. I tried but i could not keep aggro on the two adds, taunting didn't do a thing. We managed to kill the boss and adds but i was blamed agai for the chaotic fight. So i was about to leave, when i decided i would explain how tanking works. I did and after that it went a lot better, we still had two wipes, but in the end we managed to complete the FP.

So what's the point of my post: communication.

If something is wrong do not assume the other person knows, ask them about it, talk it over and hopefully try to fix it.

Just my 2 humble cents.