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Bioware gives out free gear to fresh 50s now that is better than what the skippable bosses drop. There is really no reason to do them...But if someone asks, I will usually do them.

That being said, OP, you really need to keep in mind that you are basically being carried for free loot by your groups, so you really don't have much right to complain.
Hold on here for a moment, "carried by the team" ?

First : This is not a post about somebody getting carried by the team, it is about players skipping bosses incase you forgot I remind you again.

Second : This game and many other games are all about natural progression, you do something a little harder for your level and then get rewarded and so on. WoW for example as everyone knows has done this for almost 10 years and so do SWTOR. No player wants to enter a flashpoint killing grey mobs cheering they got that old rusty pickaxe that someone left there 1000 years ago.

Thirdly : Nobody has left the team because of anyone having bad gear, getting free loot it is not what this thread is about.

I am not even sure you read my original post but please do it again.

It is about the increasing problems with hard flaspoints where those that join them do not have even the opportunity to gear up since everything circles around completing the flashpoint quickest possible for some few comms.