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I just ran into a group. told them many times and they refused to attack bosses they could skip, they only wanted the comms and be over with it.

Many bosses has random set item. It is very hard to specify if that will drop so it is better to kill boss and find out.
This has become a very frustrating problem. I have geared characters myself but I would never dream of not killing a boss that could give someone a upgrade, infact it really upsets me.

I always check my own gear and others if they have lower hp then usual and say "Lets do all bosses, we have players in team that nees do to them"

Last night I did 6 Heroics using groupfinder and in only one of them we killed everything but in the other 5 there were problems. One tank even left in the start saying "I only do fast runs" when we politely said that we need to kill all bosses to gear up.

I wonder why this mechanics even is in play, to steamroll through the instance getting a few comms while the rest of the team that needs to be there and upgrade for tuture content gets left behind.

I can understand the need to skip regular mobs, they dont give anything useful in general at level 50 but to skip bosses is plain dumb unless all in the team got what they need.

As a DPS it can take around 30 minutes to 2-3 hours to get a pop with groupfinder and it is REALLY frustrating to hear that the only way the flashpoint is going to be made is a super quickrun straight to the final boss.

This needs to be diskussed, perhaps BIOWARE can implement some kind of lock that the flashpoint canīt complete without all bosses dead. That would be awesome and save alot of griefing from players that fail to understand that others need to gear up aswell, not only run fast through for a few comms.