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11.24.2012 , 05:11 AM | #54
This thread made me laugh a lot of you have some funny cynical senses of humor. My kind of people. As for the smuggler story being bad. Well honestly its my favorite. I'm not a fan of jedi personally. So I knew before launch smuggler was for me. I didn't even pay attention to the fact that the ship got stolen because the ship is "not" what makes the smuggler. You get to embark on a awesome space adventure with blasters, women, and one liners. Searching for treasure. And making covert deliveries to help you search. You keep comparing real life to the game. Well how about this. If you were a racer is your life defined by your car? Or the fact that you like to live fast and free and in the moment? Surely the later and that's the heart of the smuggler story. Going on a fun space adventure as a sky captain. And plenty of games give you something and take it away. Like god of war. Or final fantasy has done it.
Plenty of games show you what you could have and build you up to it. I garuntee if the smuggler story had you running around earning a ship. The OP would be posting "SMUGGLER STORY BAD I'M JUST SOME STUPID ERRAND BOY NOT LIKE HAN SOLO AT ALL.
Han solo is ONE smuggler what about how dash rendar would have handled it or lando himself. I think you are putting way to much importance on the ship. And for the record what is the obsession with earning a lightsaber? Its old if I create an old man looking jedi I'm supposed to believe that I'm a padawan still poking flesh raiders with a toy sword... lame. Lightsabers like the ship are so inconsequential to the story it is silly to give them so much importance. That's just my two cents the smuggler story made me smile I really connected with it.

Ps. Yeah consular story wth. Jedi knight goes an a sith concil hunting mission... consular curing geriatric jedi from some plauge from some guy know one knows or see or really cares about. Sigh. And yeah with so many lightsaber lovers there is no doubt that smuggler is lowest played class.