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My lvl 50 Jedi Consular, I decided to only tell his story on how he got to the Tython, the rest basically is just the choices and stuff I did on my way to 50 but too many spoilers. lol

Kasei Wahi was born on 3,664 BBY on a space station orbiting Cademimu V in the Outer Rim. His parents both worked in the commercial district of the medium sized station. When Kasei was 6 he started to sneak out while his parents were busy working and Kasei would travel down to the lower levels of the station to the droid repair labs. It is here he found his love for droids and made many friends that he either made or helped fix in the repair lab.

It was when he was 7 that a male Togruta Jedi Master was at Kaseiís space station chasing down a Sith who was trying to return back to the Empire with key information about Republicís movements in the outer rim. The Jedi and Sith fought through the lower maintenance levels before reaching the center large circular droid repair lab that Kasei was in. Kasei hid behind his droid friends and ordered the ones that had defense capabilities to aid the Jedi. The Sith easily sliced through the attacking droids and managed to separate the Jedi from his lightsaber. Kasei saw that the situation was going to turn dark very quickly, he closed his eyes and calmly pushed his hand out, the Sith who was ignoring young Kasei was now flown across the room from a force push from Kasei. This gave the Jedi time to grab his lightsaber and even the fight again. Kasei was busy activating droids, and throwing broken deactivated droids at the Sith. In minutes the chaos of dozens of droids shooting, and others being force thrown at him all the while dueling a Jedi Master became too much to handle and the Sith miss stepped and tripped over a fallen droid and fell right on top of the lighsaber of the Jedi Master.

The Jedi Master, thanked young Kasei and after securing the data from the fallen dead Sith the Jedi asked to meet his parents later that day. With much reserve his parents finally allowed the Jedi to take Kasei to a Jedi enclave in Dantooine, here he became a Jedi Padwan, under temporary and different masters because the Jedi Order was still recovering from the sacking of Courscant and trying to find a new location for the Order to settle. When Kasei was 21 he was taken to the newly rediscovered planet Tython and met his new permanent master, Jedi Master Yuon Par.

Name: Kasei Wahi
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Jedi Sage

Physical Attributes
Hair color- Black
Hair length- Slightly Long
Eye color- Blue
Body type- Thin
Height- 5'9"
Weight- 138 lbs

1. Violence 2. Over-confidence 3. Arguments 4. Public Speaking 5. Killing

1. Archaeology 2. Droids 3. Sarcasm 4. Diplomacy 5. Poetry

1. His ship is filled with as many droids as he can fit on it.
2. Before being recognized as a force user, his only and best friends were droids
3. He finds city planets to be more peaceful and connected with the force than the wilder planets.
4. Is loyal to the Jedi Council more than the Republic, given the chance he will promote the Order.
5. Thinks everyone has good, no matter who they are and what they have done.