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11.23.2012 , 04:17 PM | #9
Sometimes the skipping behaviour makes no sense at all. Some examples:
  1. They skip a mini-boss which would go down in no time and drops a daily comm for everybody (nice especially before there was Section X). Then after the FP they pack the a*** lube, travel to belsavis or ilum and get themselves ****** in the *** for several minutes per daily comm.
  2. Skipping a mini-boss that drops a BOE columi implant - a fair amount of money per time, even multiplied by the chance of 1/4 to win the roll.
  3. The obvious stupidity that the thread starter stated. I just was on a HM FP with a very experienced tank, but on that char he just turned 50 and was in full recruit gear. But he insisted in skipping even the bosses that drop Xenotech gear (the one with the same rating as Columi?).