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If all she cares about is just playing the game with you and not the story or class at all, and on the Republic side, I'd suggest a Smuggler, either class, or the Sage. If you want to have mercy on her, then I'd suggest keeping her to a DPS class since those are much more straightforward and easy to play than a healer or tank.

Gunslingers are easy enough since they just kinda stay in one place and fire, which would be good for her. Scoundrels, like you said, are great with stealth and it would be an added bonus if you two could just bypass all the mobs you wanted. Only tricky thing is that their energy management, as I'm sure you know, is harder to adjust to, so it might be difficult for a newer player like her to do it. Granted, I rolled an Operative as my first ever character and got the hang of it, so who knows.

Sage would probably be the ideal choice though, since their DPS is pretty good and mostly it just involves staying at the same spot at a distance. Resource management doesn't come too much into play here and, as long as she doesn't mind the slower story, she should enjoy this class too. And, there's always the option out there as a healer if she wants to switch things up too.
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