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11.23.2012 , 01:50 PM | #16
I don't know if you want some input of an actual female, but I'll give it anyway

do NOT tell her what she might like or not like.

you want to play with her, ok, so naturally you want her to 'play with you'

why the HELL do guys always do that to their non-gamer non-mmo-gamer girlfriends?

you want her to enjoy the game, she wants to play republic... and now you're asking us about a way to coax her into playing empire? really?

you want her to play a class that works with the class you play? really?

how about .you. play a 'fitting' class with the class SHE wants to play?

let her just freaking pick a random class, and if she doesn't like it roll a new one. you get to lvl 10 pretty quickly in this game, especially if you play together, so there is not much time wasted until picking an AC and realising 'ok this is not my play style'.