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The politics of the Empire is reminiscent of Italy during the Dark/Middle Ages, the Borgia's, the Medici, etc.

The Republic however is weak, it never really recovered from the events of Kotor and Kotor2, it has planets seperating from it, and signs of internal corruption and general incompetence.

To say that the Empire is doomed at this stage is premature, or rather it is premature to say that the Republic will win, or even survive. While the Republic does get it's act together, IT IS A CLOSE THING, it almost fails numerous times.

Admittedly the Empires social and political scene is self-destructive. But quite a few nations here on earth have been just as self-destructive, or lock into a mutually destructive path with another country, and gone on to survive.

Besides the point is to experience the story, to get to know the Star Wars Universe, how is that pointless.
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