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I generally level with my brother, and we're working on our fourth pair of 50s, so we have a decent idea of what leveling combos are the smoothest. :-)

Short answer, from a class composition perspective, go double DPS. You will have absolutely no trouble with anything except heroics while leveling, and even then you should be able to make it through with a healer pet and enough Presence. As for which class specifically, I love TK Sage. I've played most classes in the game, and TK is the most fun DPS spec by far. A lot of intricacy, fairly consistent burst and strong AoE (important for leveling). Also, a DPS sage provides off-healing, which makes the double-DPS combo even stronger while leveling. So, from a mechanical perspective, she should pick a Sage and go TK, and you should level a Sentinel.

Unfortunately, the Sage story is painfully awful. My first class was a shadow, and I adore the class, but the story was really, really bad. From a story perspective, the best class is the Smuggler, with the Knight following up. The Trooper is third, with the Sage falling far to the rear. The gunslinger is a very fun class to play, and not really that difficult. Energy management is easy in certain specs (especially Sharpshooter), and the cover mechanic isn't that unintuititve. Scoundrel is pretty fun too, but it's melee, which can be a little more hectic. In either case, you should level a Vanguard with her and go Assault spec. The trooper storyline is pretty fun to see, even in spectator mode.

From the perspective of learning MMO mechanics, you can't beat tanking. I leveled as a tank as an MMO noob and I learned *so* much. Vanguard tanking is quite easy, almost boring, and leaves a lot of brain power open for studying game mechanics and strategy. You should level a gunslinger if she goes Vanguard.

I really don't recommend leveling the same class together, since you'll have to do every class phase twice and you'll miss out in the "secondary" storyline in spectator mode.

So, from a mechanical perspective, Sage+Sentinel. From a story perspective, Gunslinger+Vanguard. From a learning perspective, Vanguard+Gunslinger.
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