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11.23.2012 , 03:49 AM | #4
i am a subscriber . but i got a few of my friends to join for f2p to see t heir reactions to the game. as of now i would say the f2p is kind of a bit to restrictive in someways. and many f2p just play till the buy unlock at cartel market opens up twice . and then they go back to guild wars :-p. but i really hope the population increases with this. i will stick to this game and i hope it lasts for a while . love the story and the community so far.I also think it would be realyl nice if they designed quite a few new armors. than recoloring the old once :-). And i never understood why people leave the game complaining about not enough content. if you make 4 charecters each in empire and republic with alternating classes the amount of content is stagering. have been playing since launch and i havnt finished all the storys yet :-p . 5. 50s so far and more to come :-).