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Here's one:
On Hoth, when you enter the final room of the Loramarr.
Andronikos Revel: "These guys call themselves pirates. They should be out in space, cut free. Not hiding in ice caves."

Got another one. On Belsavis, Talos has a line for when you head through the hole in the wall for the Metal Militia mission.
Talos: "It looks as if the Empire's begun the excavation without me. Heh. Little archaeologist humor there. That breach will lead us to the Republic prison, or what's left of it."

Edit edit:
Another one for Talos. When you're about to enter the area for the Terror in the Flesh mission, he has something to say.
Talos: "Is this truly Rakata-built? I can't believe it. I can't--I'm sorry. I need a moment."
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