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This is not a discussion about PVP. Deception shines for the first 45 seconds or so of combat, which in pvp is fine. It's PVE - sustained, and lacking basic stat talents that everyone gets but us, that is at issue for myself
I guess I can understand if you are missing something PVE wise.

I know this is offtopic so just ignore it if you'd rather not go into it. I do not PVE so I'm curious what the issue is with it, do people go by how much damage they caused to mobs in a parse or something?

I ask because I imagine PVE to be simply a preset routine that once learned is devoid of challenge, like playing through contra on the NES. For example, once you know what a particular boss is going to do you basically do the exact same thing as last time to beat it no?

Not trying to be insulting or anything I just don't see how playing against a non thinking program can offer any challenge beyond the first couple of runs?

Sorry, not attempting to jack this thread I've just always wondered what the appeal of continually repeating PVE content is, I've heard it's for gear but that gear is just to keep doing more PVE, I'm just curious as to the repetition and what makes that fun if indeed it even is?