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11.22.2012 , 04:58 PM | #6
i dont mind the geargrind. Itīs the fact that geargrind is just about 100% of endgame. you dont spend time grinding rep for something needed endgame. you dont spend time crafting, you just send your companons to do that. Thereīs not ex a grind for resist gear to beat some boss in a OP. I didnīt love that part of wow, but it was something you spend time dooing to perform better at endgame.

Same with cooking and fishing. a craft that you actually spend time on in wow. Ofc you could just buy your buffs on AH, but any crafting in wow takes time. No crafting in SWTOR takes time. Well, not more time than it takes to send out your companons.

FP achievements could get people to do more of thoose maybe. Some minigames like the darkmoon faire in WoW. Anything realy. Endgame needs the geargrind i guess, but it needs more than that. If geargind is all there is then people get bored and leave. Endgame is all about long tedious grinds, but you have to make different types of grinds.

The last patch added HK51, that was nce, but also it added more daily quests. Why ? Because we told bEAware we need more endgame. If fairly sure noone, or at least very few people asked for more daily quests. We need more endgame yes, but not more of the same endgame. We need different types of grind so we dont have to do the exact same grind every day but can do different things from day to day.