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The first reply was pretty accurate, but you have to be careful. Along with the good guilds that are there to help each other and have a good time there are also bad ones.

Types of bad guilds, when you recognize you are in one it's best just to get out and find another:

1- The "my little army" guild, if you don't do what the leader wants he tells his little gaggle of yes-man chronies to exclude you from everything that should make a guild worth being in. If you find you guild leader demanding that you do things just because he says so, get out.

2- The "we're the biggest" guild, some people just want to be in the "biggest guild on the server" so they recruit every new player they can find.... and then ignore them. If the guild's biggest claim to fame is its size when they invite you... just decline.

3- The "you owe me guild", everyone in your guild seems super friendly and helpful, until they want something, and they always will. If they helped you grind up your toon or kill a boss to get a piece of armor you really wanted, you now owe them your soul and if you don't help them do every flashpoint or heroic that they want, or give them all the crafting supplies they need because "they were the ones that made you able to collect them"... well, pack your bags, because you'll be going on a loooong guilt trip. The best part about these guilds is they usually won't stop even after you leave, as they will bad talk you to every other guild as "not a team player" just because you didn't become their slave after they helped you with one mission.

4- The "what's in it for me" guild, you don't really need that loot do you? Ever had someone tell you they'll help you as long as they get to keep all the loot? Now imagine 40 of them and they all know where you are an what you're doing all the time.... yeah.

Basically, don't let people take advantage of you. There's no shame in bailing if you're not satisfied with a guild. The best rule of thumb is make friends first, then join their guild... not join a guild and hope to make friends once you're in.