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11.22.2012 , 12:02 PM | #21
Once geared, deception (infil for shadow) is actually pretty good pvp melee dmg dealer. The issue is though same skill/gear vguard/wars/tankasins in dps gear will be higher on the chart but your dmg is single target burst and its very good single target burst once geared. Also in runover matches or in matches where you just go for dmg you can still top the chart. Although as having all 8 classes deception should be lowest on the chart out of them.

But seriously you can drop people very fast once geared and that is what is important as a pvp dmg dealer. Not spreading around dots and aoe and stroking your epeen lol.

Also, remember that a spec like deception is very gear dependent. If you crit more often and for much larger amounts you will finish off that healer that the less geared player could not and your main function is to finish him off.