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I would love to see "Saber Conduit" be changed, like you said 10 force every 10 seconds is really a joke talent for 3 points.

Also a passive stat boost would be amazing!

Everything else in my opinion is fine...I run deception in PvP most of the time and pull great numbers. PvE wise, we have a deception assassin in a main raid group and he has zero trouble keeping up with the other dpsers.

All in all...a few more tweaks and deception will be perfect.
Yeah, i keep up with our marauders and powertechs as deception in tfb hm, often im on top depending on the boss fight. It just makes me sooooooooo angry that we are the only class that does not have any main stat / crit / accuracy talents. Madness if spec'd can get a bit of a crit boost, but not deception? The entire spec is based of critical hits.

I just don't get it. Also it boggles my mind how the dread guard stalker set has only +44 accuracy on one piece...teh hell? I don't use it, i have all crafted 63's...but still, what an oversight
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