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Quote: Originally Posted by Groncho View Post
with procs it works pretty good
if u time it out u can get 4-5k hits easily in pvp
in fact i have noticed (with the overcrowd of smashmonkeys) that the surv is even better is some scenarios
Again, I was talking about PVE - not pvp. Survivability is better because of entropic field and blackout. Which is great!

Lets look at Carnage: Carnage gets, in its stance a what...6 percent increase to accuracy or something? On top of that, a tier 2 talent to increase force and melee accuracy (along with critical force accuracy talent in the rage tree).

Carnage is kind of like deception. Carnage uses Massacre as its filler, Deception uses Voltaic Slash, Carnage has berserk that refunds rage when used on a cooldown, deception has no such cooldown.

Carnage gets a proc that auto crits force scream - deception gets no such proc that increases crit chance or auto-crits. Carnage also gets gore, 100 percent armour pen. Deception gets...9 percent armour pen if you spec into it.

Then toss all of the other stuff the mara has in there (i play one too).

In a raid environment I can keep up with the maras and powertechs in our group - depending on the fight. On 16 man HM dread guard, I usually (after my opening burst) fall back to 3rd or so come phase 2, simply because i have to run circles around the bosses to ensure i can maul when it procs, and force speed is not as instant 'to the boss' as charge.

On the droid puzzle boss, I can if luck is with me in crits, come out on top. Same with TFB.

Last night I spend over 2 mill on a couple willpower /. power mods to complete my 63's, which with a stim brought my force power up to 1040...but my force critical down to 34....and i do believe its a dps loss.

As a deception assassin in sustained PVE fights, it is a DPS loss if you are not around 40 percent Crit melee and 39 or so force. So that is around 550 crit rating. I have tried more crit with BM surge / crit relics, adding anymore crit past 38 percent or so barely moves your percentage up. at 550 crit, adding 44 more would bring your melee percent to around 41 percent. Keep in mind when doing this, your power is around 970 or less (depending on how geared you are).

Our mercs? My marauder? Our powertechs? In equal gear of 63's, they can push 1100+ power and still have 38 percent crit or so. Why? Because they have talents in their trees to increase mainstat / accuracy and or crit. This allows them to drop mods for other things.

Deception is that hardest spec to itemize, I have spent countless hours swapping mods out and relics etc, on the dummy. Which btw is a terrible source to parse for a deception.
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