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I beg the differ about that part. Deception (and deception/madness (DF) ) is quite good for pvp.
It's ridic good against smashers, out of stealth pops + sneak + vanish + sneak = 24 seconds of + 25% dmg reduction.

if you tweak it for pve to give more dps or better energy managment, it will be to OP for pvp and will get mega nerf

Infiltration got a few tweaks with patch 1.4, that pushed it's survivalbility. Also, Maul is a real hard hitter, if you use it on proc and you have luck with crit I don't see a problem with maul atm. Either push your crit (for PvE) and get more, but a bit lower big hits, or play it with Max. AP and Bonus Damage > 1000.

Playing infiltration since release, I think it's currently very viable.

A Buff regarding to damage will cause a big nerf in 1.7