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hi am a new player that never played a MMO before but i love star war i didn't gave it a try until before because i need a new computer to run it. i have been ask to join a few guilds while playing but didn't know what they are. what are you supposed to do in a guild? what are they about and how are they different from one another?
This question would have been better made in the "New Player Help" section (you would probably get more responses there then here in "Community").

A guild is a collection of like-minded players who, ideally, help one another out and run heroics and end-game content together. Not all guild are created equally, and a lot will only want lvl 50 characters... some are casual with no real expectations other than to have fun while other can be hardcore with mandatory guild meets etc. Most of the time guilds are the best place to learn all the ins and outs of the game as there is ALOT that isnít explained and isnít intuitive.

In other words, think of a guild as a friendly online gang of players
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