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Well, I decided to dig out an old character I had a blast on back in March - my assassin, and use him as my main when 1.4 hit. Tossed aside my Marauder, and my sorc healer.

I am only going to discuss deception here, since it is the assassin DPS spec I enjoy (if i wanted to do madness i'd go on my sorc). Tanking, I could not really come up with anything useful to add. I've tanked all the content on its hardest setting (except for NiM EC) and its fine.

Deception lacks some things that are so basic, every single other class has them. We have ZERO talents for passive Mainstat, Crit or accuracy. Not in a stance, not in a tree. Deception, like the other DPS classes has talents that increase the bonus damage of critical hits - and yet, we have no combo to garuntee a critical hit.

The issue is quite simple. Every other class through stats in their trees, can get their crit to a respectable level and push power into the 1100+. I have messed around with so many variations of mods, and if I do not push my crit HIGH into the DR, my mauls barely hit for anything other then the tool tip says. Shock, Discharge..the same.

While our force management is a bit better with the lowered cool down on cloak and blackout resetting - it's still not that great for sustained. It works, but again - in comparison to my other Five 50's, they don't have that issue. We have nothing on a cool down that gives us X amount of force. The Surging charge talent that gives 10 force X amount of time is rubbish.

What can be done? For starters, give us the stat abilities that sorcs have. You know, like powertechs and mercs share stat talent abilities, jugs and maras, ops and snipers.

I shouldn't have to have 600 crit rating to get good numbers.

Surging Charge: This talent should have something with its stance - an increase in accuracy (like Carnage), better internal damage procs. Something.

Saber Conduit: Your surging charge has 100 percent chance to restore 10 force when dealing damage. This effect cannot occur more then once every 10 seconds. This should NOT be a 3 point talent considering it gives us 10 force every 10 seconds. In a sustained boss fight, that is really not much. Drop it to 1 talent, or increase the amount of force regenerated.

Static Charges: This talent makes me think none of the devs actually play a deception in a raid raid environment. How often do you actually use 5 stacks? It's a dps loss to wait, you discharge when its off cooldown. This needs to be changed. Perhaps speed up the process it takes to get 5 stacks? Or make it so 5 stacks gives you an auto crit on maul or shock? This is lackluster, needs to be fixed.

Resourcefulness Force reduction on lacerate...which is pretty useless, and 30 second cool down on Overcharge Saber. Overcharge saber could use a boost, maybe make it increase critical chance of shock and maul for x amount of time while its active? I dunno, but something could make it a better talent.

Low Slash Why do i need low slash to get to Voltaic Slash? WIth free respecs now, if I want to Raid I shouldnt have to take that talent.

Charge Mastery: Why the madness talent gets increased crit and deception gets...9 percent armor pen is beyond me. There's nothing more frustrating in deception then doing your rotation and see your tooltip numbers hit. For a 3 point talent, the Surging charge part needs to be fixed. Increases Force Critical Damage by X amount perhaps? That coupled with an accuracy increase in the stance itself would be nice..

SIDE NOTE: The entire Stalker set of dread masters, implants / ear included - gives you something like +44 accuracy. THATS IT. The heck?

In summation, I love the class but everyday I wonder why i spent so much time RE'n stuff to get all 63's, when I can't even get above 1040 power with having 33 force crit. It's very frustrating....PLEASE please please bioware, fix us!
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