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I have finished a LS knight, LS Agent, and DS Hunter and of the three, I have to give a slight lean to the Agent story over the Knight. Chapter 1 on the Jedi knight was dull, but chapters 2 and 3 are incredible and I recommend anyone who is a fan of Star Wars to force your way through chapter 1 to experience the joy of chapters 2 and 3 on the knight, expecially when you get to Corellia. That is the best class planet story I've seen thus far.

The Hunter story was very "meh" until chapter 3, then it had a bit of suspense for a bit, but it fell off due to not following up on the "twist" at start of chapter 3.

I played with a partner on my agent from Dromund Kaas to the end who used an Inquisitor, and it seems to be well done.

I have a trooper at level 43, a sith warrior at 45, and a consulor at 22(consulor seems to be the worst story to me). I also have a smuggler at 36 that I have enjoyed.

The trooper was solid in chapter 1, but chapter 2 was just a glorified "Let's dedicate the chapter to just getting your companions". I haven't started chapter 3 as of yet.

At this time, if I were forced to rank the 8 stories with what I have completed, it would look like this....

2.Jedi Knight
3.Sith Warrior
6.Bounty Hunter