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What you are asking for IS changing the game in a whole, because it would become double the game, remaking all those things especially for solo players. And asking BW to recreate all the content to have a solo version, is that what you want them to spend time on instead of making actual new content?
If this is about flashpoints, you CAN solo them, just not the HM versions, and even that could be discussed as there's a guy that solo'd Malgus. Most other content can already be done solo, so don't see the point why time and resources should be spend on doing it.[/QUOTE]

The ideas given here do not chnage the game on the whole nor does it make it a "double" game. We are not asking to reprogram, from scratch, the entire game.

What we have said is to change the strength of the enemies in the flashpoints so soloing is possible, not change the setting, story, who the NPC's or the enemies are....just drop in a lower strength version of them and most likely that would come with lower drops, but that's fine.

We also suggested putting up a seperate server where enemies in heroic areas and/or flashpoints are soloable, again just changing the level of the enemies there and on a seperate server in case there were complaints from other players worried about exploitation.

Also mentioned was a single player mission option that involves the characters and story of the flashpoints and operations but does not effect them in anyway. Perhaps when you are about to talk to the NPC that gives the flashpoint an option pops up for the actual flashpoint/operation or the solo mission. The solo mission would put you on the same planet and dealing with the same problem and enemies, but the objectives and story behind it would be different. This suggestion would actually be new content like you said they should be working on and would simply be an option to play either the flashpoint/operation or the solo mission version of it.

You said we can solo flashpoints now except maybe HM, but the devs keep making HM the place to go as far as some crafting materials, HK-51, and such. I think it is wonderful someone was able to solo Malgus, but I bet he wasn't a full time solo player.....I am guessing he had maxed out gear from doing group missions and the HM flashpoints, maybe PVP.

Playing an MMO solo is very challenging. You push yourself to see as much of the game as possible even going places where you could get killed by making one slight mistake. You learn exactly what conditons there have to be for your character to take down which mobs and sometimes you have to sit patiently and learn where patrols are going and how long they are gone for. We aren't asking for anything easy.....we are just asking for it to be possible without grouping.