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I agree its the reason why my BH was only DS rank 3 by the end if you go pure light side your a wish washy bounty hunter imo. If its pure dark its a bit psychotic at times but your not wish washy a bit of a loose cannon yes but you don't spare targets just because they say pwease don't kill/capture me and give you a sob story as Trinos said.

Plus it was the republic that made me the most wanted I would not stick my neck out for them plus to the republic your still a criminal he just removed the most wanted. Plus I personally felt it eneded better with the capture/death of the chancellor. Tormen gave me a contract and I done it. As my BH said "pleasure working with you tormen, but do remember to send an offer its a business after all." Gault gave me lots of approval.

Being a BH is a "dark" profession in the star wars universe imo.
My BH is mostly light side and it's ok as long as you pick some dark side choices when the LS choice is too stupid, that includes the end.