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I have a Merc, a Vanguard and a PT. Here's my input.

Firstly, Merc. Aside the dual-wield, you won't be noticing any visual differences from PT. But dual wield can be a pain. Blaster pistols not always come in MH+OH variety, some are for MH only, some for OH only. As such, to find a pair that you like and go well together can be challenging. Fortunately, the new blaster from crime lord's pack goes a long way to alleviate the pain (Black Nebula Blaster) because it looks pretty pimp with Two-Finger's Revenge (which is craftable by Armstech). You won't have such pain as a PT, your offhand isn't visible and basically the shield/generator from Black Talon can last you 'till end-game. So in some ways, PTs are cheaper to "maintain", financially.

Now, Death from Above definitely has a better animation than Mortar Volley, but Cryo Grenade is much much much better looking than its imperial counterpart. Think about the roles you want your chars to have and what abilities you will use most. As a Vanguard i can say that i use and abuse the Cryo grenade much more than on my PT, it's something in my subconscious, perhaps, since both abilities do the same thing, but Cryo looks so awesome i can't wait it to be off the CD so i can use it again. Electro Dart's animation is so meh, i often forget about it entirely (it shares its animation with SI Electrocute and IA Debilitate).

On the other hand, fire animations are somewhat better than the electric animations of the Vanguard. However, if you like these animations, bear in mind that there's no Merc tree that would specialize in Flame Thrower, for instance. However, not only the PT gets a nice Flame Burst animation, but you can actually spec that awesome flame thrower in the Advanced Prototype tree and have a whole spec built around abusing it. However, its animation is deceptive, until i started playing the Vanguard i had no idea about the real angle/spread of the flame thrower, Pulse Cannon has a more intuitive animation. Yet, Flame Sweep has a longer animation than Explosive Surge, and that might be a factor when you're trying to get out an AOE fast (unstealthing some stealther or stopping a multiple cap). So i would say Vanguard animations are somewhat tighter and cleaner than those of a Power Tech, which makes for a more responsive gameplay and as such, more fun. But from that point of view, if you ever think of tanking, i find Jet Boost a lot more tight and responsive than Storm.

Now, on to the Commando, it's the only class in the game that can use Assault Cannon and for that alone it's worth rolling one. You will have little to no competition on that weapon and you will be wielding one bad-arse boy. However, if you ever want to go the healing route, your green ray of health and joy will also bring joy to your enemies while bringing your health down, because it's a giant sign of "HEY GUSY, I'M HERE AND I'M A HEALER !" in pvp. But that is the only drawback. Aside that, there's no reason not to roll a Commando (well, except them being in need of some major buffs in PvP).

Personally, I would go for all of them. I mean, we get 12 char slots, the more the merrier, but if you'd put a gun to my head, i would go Commando and Power Tech.