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11.21.2012 , 09:40 AM | #255
I have a 50 SI, 50 SW, 50 JC, 50 BH, 38 IA, 25 JK, 26 Tr, 20 Sm

Of those completed:
Best, SW, very epic, total respect, enjoyable companions
Worst, BH, "go claim this bounty," "go claim that bounty," i.e. no story, but fun companions

Of those in progress:
Best, IA, it's making me change from DS to LS, and hate the empire in the process
JK>Tr due to epicness, although Tr is fun but its a bit too much taking orders
Worst, Sm, which for some reason is omgwtf boring. I mean, cmon, this coulda been so great...

SW was so good I'm doing it again and going predominantly LS, same with SI (going DS this time).
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