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11.21.2012 , 09:35 AM | #3205
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If it's just a scheduling issue, then that suggests the content is done and waiting.
Seriously, my current feelings on this?

My guess is they started writing the content as announced but it got deprioritized. With EA having their hands on the budget which includes reducing costs after they made less money than they hoped at first, staff reductions and all, they may even have stopped working on it for a while, hence postponing it. Now that the franchise has been bought by Disney, the issue may even be postponed for longer. I sincerely hope it's not off the table forever, but of course we don't know.

I would think they still want to implement it, they have been working on it after all, it's just that the timeframe for it may be unclear, hence the "no-info" policy from all official sources.