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11.21.2012 , 08:54 AM | #3202
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Sooo, I just had a thought - Since Gabe said it's 'just a case of getting it on the schedule" - what's to stop them adding SGRAs in 1.6 instead of waiting for Makeb?

If it's just a scheduling issue, then that suggests the content is done and waiting.

Not that I'll get my hopes up, but it's certainly a possibility. (Plus I'm having a crappy day so anything to brighten the mood ehehe)
I play on the PTS (just made my JK there, it's been a pain holding off on this character, but at least on the PTS I know it's just a trial run of her), so trust me, if anything changes I'll let you know
But "just a case of getting it on the schedule" could mean the planning schedule, the design and discussion schedule etc. It does not mean the release schedule....which is the point you all seem to conveniently ignore when claiming this feature is a done deal....

I personally think you will be waiting a long time for it, as whether you like it or not, whether you agree or not, there are other things that deserve a higher priority that would benefit more than just the SGR community going on in the game right now.

The entire landscape of the game has shifted dramatically since the comments made by DE and SR months ago...