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(Sorry, I don't remember the lines EXACTLY, but this is from the Dromund Kaas part of the Bounty Hunter story line if, and only if, you are playing a female char and have Mako up):

Entering Imperial Office:

Imperial Clerk: "Mam, the colonel is very busy at the moment and cannot see you. Please leave".
Player (flirt): "No, why so hostile? Can't I be here just to see you?"
Imperial Clerk: "Ehum.. what... yes, are you here to see me? *swallows* Oh.. No, wait, are you making fun of me?"
Mako: "Naaaw, why would we make fun of him and his big desk?"

Societies in decline tend not to innovate. I just wish we had cellphones to report quests. Guess light speed tech and cell phone tech are mutually exclusive.
I know this image is supposed to be an insult, but it's not.
Two similar games and yet SW:ToR is so much better.