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Fail to see how grouping is automatically relevant to being social. Last time I checked on my alts in levelling FPs, the experience is *anything* but social.
I can only speak for myself and the overal mentality in groups that I have experienced, and as well on my healer as tank i tend to get into groups that mostly are friendly and talkative, saying hi when entering, talking in between fights and thanking/greeting at the end, i don't expect people to talk all the way through or do story of their life, but on TOFN people do talk to each other when grouping. maybe it's anything but social because you yourself fail to be social?

Quote: Originally Posted by JamieKirby View Post
I am personally sick of players trying to force me into skipping the story content so they can get to the fighting, like immature children wanting their presents before xmas day, kinda pathetic really.
who's forcing you? just because someone sais skip in chat doesn't mean you have to. anyways, I don't really understand why you give that reaction to my post.. i do agree that the whining of those 'skippers' is pretty pathetic, because it's only a couple minutes of cinematics for a whole flashpoint.

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We aren't talking about changing the game on the whole, we are saying have the option of playing group content solo, either have it choosable when picking up the mission, or have a server with solo content, or have a totally seperate mission that deals with the elements for the flashpoint or operation.

Like for the essels flashpoint, have a mission where you are on another part of the ship runnig through and doing stuff that "effects" the flashpoint story. Maybe you have to get to certain areas of the ship and open or close doors, or turn on or off defences, then while there is supposedly people fighting the main boss you discover a group of elite troops heading that way to assist the enemy and you have to stop them. It would be cool to be in one room and look into the other room and see some NPC group fighting one of the battles from the flashpoint.

It would be nice for solo players to have to fight/meet people like Malgus and some other enemies that only pop up in group settings.
What you are asking for IS changing the game in a whole, because it would become double the game, remaking all those things especially for solo players. And asking BW to recreate all the content to have a solo version, is that what you want them to spend time on instead of making actual new content?
If this is about flashpoints, you CAN solo them, just not the HM versions, and even that could be discussed as there's a guy that solo'd Malgus. Most other content can already be done solo, so don't see the point why time and resources should be spend on doing it.
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