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You don't have to group to get the gear that the HK-51 mission series requires. You can easily do SM False Emperor in a group geared with recruit only and HM Foundry/Maelstrom Prison isn't that bad in full recruit, although it isn't faceroll in full recruit either. The only issue would be if you chose the 320k credits instead of the recruit gear. But aside from that, you automatically get the gear required to dh HM Tier 1 flashpoints when you hit 50
I am sorry but can you clearify for me a bit please? Are you saying that if you have your character in full "recruit" gear, which I understand is basic lvl pvp gear you can get from dailies ( is that correct?) that you can solo the entire HK-51 requirements?

Also this thread isn't just about HK-51, it is about other aspects of the game too that you can't do unless you group and not everyone likes to group. You have these characters and this world that the devs make, and many people who group could not care less about story....but the solo players that love the story never get to see all of it. The stories in the operations and flashpoints are stuff that a solo player would love and replay over and over but instead it goes to waste much of the time because the raiding people usually just focus on what drops from the mob and if it gives their character the best stats or how much they can sell it for. it is all kind of frustrating and such a shame.