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11.20.2012 , 07:53 PM | #1
Please get rid of the gear grind at level 50 for both pve and pvp gear. I now have 3 level 50 toons and I took my time to get to 50 with each of them. I do enjoy swtor, but once I get to level 50 I soon stop playing that toon because of the grind. I return to my level 50 GS and Assassin to work on the HK-51 quest. This did REspark my desire to play both of them. It was "short" lived after I found myself back grinding for gear on pve. I also find the desire to roll a new toon has also vanish as I do not want to repeat the quest lines again for each planet. I do not give my two cents on ways to improve the end game as that is why I "pay" you. The end game gear grind has got to go or I got to go.

With all Respect...