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I've been activatly playing since pre-release and there still alot of Codex entrees that I have not gotten. Titles for the various planets is one such thing broken on every planet I have completed. Then there are hard modes I have done and it has said I got the codex entree but when I look it up and its still not there (Revan Hard mode for instance). I did try and send in a help ticket on ones I felt I should have and the customer service representive just pushed it off saying thank you we will have someone look into it.
I submitted my ticket asking to have the ones that are unobtainable awarded to my character, as the are the only ones I am missing, as multiple types (Bug Report, Mission Issue, Item Issue, etc.) and they all got closed and told that I would not get any more response on the issue, due to the type of issue I submitted it as.
What is the correct Sub-type to submit a ticket under to actually get a response from a CSR in-game?
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