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11.20.2012 , 11:20 AM | #7
I've been activatly playing since pre-release and there still alot of Codex entrees that I have not gotten. Titles for the various planets is one such thing broken on every planet I have completed. Then there are hard modes I have done and it has said I got the codex entree but when I look it up and its still not there (Revan Hard mode for instance). I did try and send in a help ticket on ones I felt I should have and the customer service representive just pushed it off saying thank you we will have someone look into it.

As someone else said, new players might be getting ones we did not when we leveled thru the 1st time but us older players can not go back and get them still. As a completionist, this really is bother some to me that I know I will never complete my codex. Something that should be really easy to fix, in that if the content is not available in live but only beta then remove it.
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