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I do have Demo Round, here is a link to the build I've been using.

I've also dropped my ranged accuracy down to around 98.45%. With that, I have started to see some misses with FA, even with a proc.

Here is a log to a recent parse on a Ops Dummy down without an Exotech Reflex Stim or the Smuggler Class buff (+5% Crit). Did a 12 minute parse for a larger bank of data. Notice the 1 miss with FA with CoF proc towards the end. This resulted in a 0.48% miss rating with FA in the log.

Happy number crunching.
here's some number crunching:
normal raid boss damage reduction: 35%
35% armor pen from cell: only ~23% dmg reduction. ~18% increase in damage
+20% armor pen from grav round: ~16% dmg reduction. ~29% dmg increase
+10% armor pen for full auto/HIB: ~12% dmg reduction. ~35% dmg increase

compare to an additional 20% armor pen for full auto/HIB: ~5% dmg reduction. ~46% dmg increase

this is my current spec.
you will have twice the chance of first responder, so we can argue that mine only contributes about 2.5% instead of the full 5. take away the other 2% that i don't have in weapon calibrations, and that's a 4.5% difference in alacrity
versus ~11% increased dmg for full auto and HIB (assuming i did all of my maths correctly)