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For ex-sample it has been alleged they fixed the 'item modification' plague for Trooper on Ord Mantell. If this is true that is great but how does my level 50 Trooper get it? You needed to have the quest to click the plague I went back to check and i still can't click it. So yes maybe they did fix it for all those starting afresh - but it's still broken for those who have already done that quest and could not click the plague when it was bugged.

Here is my list of missing or bugged

Ord Mantell
Species - Kel Dor. Mon Calamari
Games Rules - Item Modification

Game Rules - Combat Ratings

Species - Sullustan

Organizations - Cathar Settlers

Nar Shaddaa
Species - Gen'Dai
Bestiary - Gundark
Lore - Slave Trading

Locations - The Elyslum
Species - Killik

Lore - The history of Tatoonie

Organizations - The White Maw, Chiss
Species - Tazz, Chiss, Ortladim
Lore - Caught Between two foes

Lore - The Three Familes

Species - Drall, Selonian

Bestiary - Kath Hound, Ashari Panther, Bogwing
Pesons of Note - Master Jaerick Kaedon

Some entrys are not available for troopers/smugglers

So if they have fixed - or are going to fix these please remember those who have already done the quests in those areas you need to fix them so we can get them to.