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11.20.2012 , 04:05 AM | #4
Yoda's race will never be a playable one. Wookies will never be playable here as well. They don't speak Basic. Nautolan and Togruta will be added in the future. Cathar have not even been implemented yet.

Now, character creation...
This needs a serious expansion. It is way too limited once you have your gender, species, faction and base class chosen. The actual appearance selection is so limited it's pathetic. The Mass Effect 3 demo was more in-depth. A KRIFFING DEMO! This game needs sliders for facial features and body adjustments. Twi'lek skin colors need to be expanded. Lekku markings must be separated from cosmetics and must be colorable, with more designs. Zabrak head bone formations must be separated from hairstyles. Facial tattoos must be colorable.

The character creation in this game is one of the weakest areas. I am surprised the developers allowed this game to launch with such a weak feature. I would love to be able to make fine adjustments to my female body3 Agent or my body2 Shadow. Pathetic system right now.