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11.19.2012 , 08:05 PM | #4
Hi, of the many things that I would like to be seen changed or improved, the following are the highest on my list in no particular order, with the bugs needing 1st priority.

Make more of EVERYTHING bind to Legacy!

Character Recustomization

Can't we have an SWG type space experience that starts at 50?

Chat Bubble Option

To clarify on the following one, a graphic setting should be introduced so that ALL graphic render distances can be increased or decreased. I have an extremely good computer so I want to badly increase my graphic render distance by two fold at least.

View Distance In Graphic Options Please?


There are a few bugs that have been in this game since the game was in the Beta, and urgently needs attention.

The first one is that when companions put away their lightsabers, the light remains behind and floating in the location where they put their lightsabers away.

The second one is that in Voidstar Warzones both the Imperial and Republic Cruisers that fly beside the Voidstar ship have each got a clone of themselves, and these cloned ships fly straight into each other and stop almost completely inside of each other in almost every Voidstar warzone game. That is just a bit weird

The third one is that whenever you have a companion with you and you are on an elevator, that the companion becomes disbanded once you reach the destination, and you then have to re-summon it, and rebuff it and that's very annoying too.