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The Kasteen Legacy.

+++File Number: 762J/58+++

Input security code: **************

... Processing ...

...Security code accepted ...

...Accessing requested file...

Name:Belindi Kasteen
Profile Photo:
Date of birth:[3667 BBY]
Planet of origin: Toprawa
Profession: Republic Special Forces
Specialization: Vanguard
Rank: Major
Commanding Officer: General Garza

Short Bio: Major Kasteen was born on the planet Toprawa in the Outer Rim in [3667], during the height of the Great Galactic War. At that time, Toprawa was already under Imperial control. What few records the SIS did manage to find indicate that Major Kasteen and her younger brother, Sejanus, were part of a gang in the planet capital. The Major still sports the bulls-eye tattoo around the eye that was the gang mark, despite the Army's offer to surgically remove it [SIS has a theory that the tattoo is kept as a reminder of her little brother]. SIS has failed to uncover too many details of the Major's early years and we are under orders not to interfere with her current missions. It is however clear that at some point the Empire cracked down on the gang activities [see SIS file on Imperial Public Safety Protocols for more details] and the Major was the only survivor.

We have a signed confession from Captain Tarron [apprehended smuggling spice onto Coruscant] that the Major stowed away on his ship to escape Toprawa. Upon finding the stowaway, the Captain agreed to take her to Coruscant in exchange for three years of working for him. He claims she was a dedicated and loyal member of his crew and regrets that she left [apparently she was the best shot with a blaster on his ship]. Once he dropped her off on Coruscant we again lose all knowledge of her whereabouts.

We found out later [from questioning a member of Black Sun] that she had formed her own small gang and for three years was engaged in a brutal turf war/guerrilla war with Black Sun. The larger criminal organization eventually prevailed and Major Kasteen was forced to run. CSF arrested her on charges of property damage, multiple murders, bombing and a host of other crimes [about what you'd expect to be the result of a turf war waged guerrilla war style]. She was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

She spent two years in prison when SIS interrogated the Black Sun Vigo and found out about her actual activities. Having been a model inmate, and considering her obvious skills, we wanted to recruit her. However, we also knew she had no personal loyalty to the Republic [and being born on an Imperial occupied world, technically made her an Imperial citizen]. She was offered a choice: serve out the remainder of her sentence or join the Republic Army. We planned to recruit her into SIS after her one year of training, knowing that the Army would direct her loyalty to the Republic. However, her file somehow made it's way to General Garza's desk and she also saw potential in young Kasteen. She quickly sent her to SpecOps training. Since that point Major Kasteen has served the Republic faithfully both on the battlefield and off. To our delight she has cooperated with the SIS very well and we realized she would not have made such a good agent - she does not tolerate operations that "risk the lives of countless soldiers on the vapor thin chance that we might gain some advantage over the enemy".

This honor that Major Kasteen holds so tightly to may be problematic in the future. We know she agreed to a truce with Imperial forces on Hoth and collaborated with them against the White Maw pirates plaguing both sides. The reason we are concerned has to do with her brother who [CLASSIFIED]

Would you like to know more?

- Service Record
- Commendations
- [Classified File]

... Attempting to access Classified File...

... Please input security code and DNA marker ...

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... Code accepted ...

... Opening file ...

File Number: 762J/58AW

Birth Name: Sejanus Kasteen
Assumed Name: Lucoryphus
Profile Photo:
Date of birth:[3662 BBY]
Planet of origin: Toprawa
Profession: Sith warrior
Specialization: Juggernaut
Rank: Lord
Sith Master: Darth Baras

Short Bio: The amount of information SIS has managed to retrieve on Sejanus Kasteen, now know as Lord Lucoryphus, is very sparse. The little brother of Major Belindi Kasteeen, he was caught by the Empire when their gang was destroyed by the Imperial Army. We suspect a Sith may have been present, otherwise we don't know how the boy's sensitivity to the Force could have been discovered. The 10 year old Sejanus was sent to a training center but we do not know if it was off planet or not.

When he surfaced on Korriban, Sejanus Kasteen was dead. Instead Lucoryphus walked upon the Sith homeworld. He had extensive cybernetic upgrades and facial scarring. We expect the scarring to have occurred from a combination of these factors: the brutal training that Sith acolytes undergo, the removal of his gang tattoo with little to no consideration of aesthetics and the cybernetic upgrades, again with no care to aesthetics.

As far as we can determine from remote observation and from reports from the field, Lucoryphus is loyal to the Empire but not necessarily it's masters. His loyalty is to the ideal, the organization and the people it governs but not to the people who do the governing. Unreliable reports suggest that he may have joined a cult of Darth Revan, seeking to reform the Empire. He has in several instances accepted the surrender of his enemies without torturing or killing them afterward, even spared the lives of a squad of SpecOps and let them retreat. He has no patience for the plotting and backstabbing of his fellow Sith and considers it damaging for the Empire. That does not mean he will not back-stab a fellow Sith if by doing so removes a threat to the Empire.

We do not know at this time if Lucoryphus can be approached and turned against the Empire, his loyalty to it's people seems iron clad. In truth our greatest fear is what would happen were he and his sister to meet.