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11.19.2012 , 01:06 PM | #1058
Quote: Originally Posted by Sildanar View Post
No, an option for US or Ocenaic transfers would just dilute the player base further, we need a consolidation not a dissipation.
Speak for yourself mate. These servers have died. If you consolidate the 50 people still playing on Gav (total) with the other two it still won't even equal off peak player numbers on a US server. The US lag is only slightly worse than the "Australian" servers from my location. They might be called Oceanic servers but they cover half a hemisphere. Only Aussies get the low lag. Don't try to suggest that people who want to leave should be forced to stay simply because you want the servers merged rather than dissolved. If you want a diluted game experience that's fine by me but I prefer to sell my goods on a well stocked GTN, get warzone and group pops in under 10 seconds and see four instances of the fleet running when I log in to my toons.