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11.19.2012 , 08:36 AM | #17
Hi all, OP here with an update.

Looked closer at my wife's ledger and it appears they awarded her stipend a day early. It was marked 11/19/12 (today), but was credited on 11/18/12, a day early.

Also, to those who assume the cartel coins only come every six months, I'm not sure this is accurate. My wife's a 6 months sub and she got 1 months worth yesterday. I guess my concern is that a wide range of subs didn't get their stipend as intended.

Any response by Bioware would be appreciated, as I don't want to ticket something that isn't a bug.
Finally, to the posted above that cited a Customer Service Database link, the link you posted links to a cartel coin status thread, doesn't say anything about when coins should be credited. Wrong link?
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