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I remember in wow,
In vanilla my group of friends could all level to 60 in under a week, and that was a work week. And that was before all the leveling boosts from patches.

We lost interest in power leveling our self after the first expansion, so we started trying out lots of guides. Everyone had a friend on MSN or something that had bought a guide or two or three, so we were able to try next to all major guides for free.

There was only 1 guide ever that was any good. One at the time that is. And the first one was a long PDF guide, with maps with drawn on arrows and marked areas, and text. It was awesomly fast. And my friend, he learned it by heart (some people have sick minds). After he ran trough it on a few chars, he improved upon it even. Cant remember the name of the guide, but it was originally only for hord hunters, then it was expanded to be one for each class.

Then the second guide that took over, and all guides that overthrew this guide was just improvements upon it. Was Zygor's Leveling guide, and deviations or copies of this which were better or worse. This was an UI box that helped you, and it soon evolved into just pointing you to every point you should, tracking your progress and simply thinking for you. You just followed the arrow and killed the foul monster, few days later you were almost max level.
I promise you This guide is in fact worth the money, hint: some countries its legal to pirate it to try before you by (or delete it), so if you live in such a country (dont we all) try it.

In light of this experience, I am sure that a guide for SWTOR that works (not well yet at least) either exists or it will exist in the future. Either that or SWTOR will die first. Im not waiting on this though, I will enjoy the game as long as I can, maybe I will check out some of these guides to see if they are worth their while, maybe one of them can improve my talent spec or give me a grinding spot or something at least.