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11.19.2012 , 07:13 AM | #110
Couple points of order:

When characters hit 50 they are now able to get Recruit MK II gear for free. You pick it up at the pvp terminal (Quest Name: New technology) and turn it in at the dropbox RIGHT next to it. It gives you everything implants, ears, relics, weapons, offhands, and armor. The text for the rewards will even say which role each is for. The MK II recruit gear is perfectly adequate for Hard Mode flashpoints and I've even healed a fresh tank in gear slightly worse and still done fine. So free or sub you get a free set of entry gear which, though blue, does fine as HM entry gear.

That being said I have leveled every AC or their faction counterparts sans Shadow/Assassin (Sentinel, Sage, Scoundrel, Vanguard, Juggernaut, Sniper, and Mercenary). I am willing to bet you could easily put all essential abilities on those two hot bars. The one I had the most difficulty with was my Sniper and that was mostly because I was very lazy and sloppy with organizing those. My two side bars usually hold non-combat stuff (buffs, QT, Fleet Pass, Speeder etc) I even turned the two extra they gave subs off because I had nothing I really needed in them as it was. More than the free 2 are not needed (Although having the sub ones is very nice/helpful so one doesn't have to open their abilities just to QT)